Want to add luxury to your treatments and keep your clients feeling toasty?

Pre-warming products before they are applied to the cleints skin can make a big difference in their treatment experience by creating a feeling of luxury and nurturing. Warmth is also regarded for its soothing and relaxing benefits and so incorporating it into your treatments can make all the difference.

In this video we discuss ways to pre warm products for the ultimate treatment experience.

Hot towel cabinet.
Pros: Versatility to warm various products at once – towels, products in bowls etc.
Cons: Takes up space, cost may be prohibitive to some.

Baby bottle warmer.
Pros: Warms massage oils or dispensed products quickly and small size is ideal for small spaces.
Cons: Limited to warming one product at a time, heating noise may be disruptive.

Bowl of hot water with second bowl/s immersed.
Pros: Gently warms products, very easy and simple to implement with little cost.
Cons: Kettle will be needed and may not give the best image to the client.

Pros: Heats to a constant temperature, dishes can be removed whilst maintaining warmth. Looks ultra stylish.
Cons: High cost may be very prohibitive to many. Space is needed for the unit.