With so many of us always on our feet, they can become neglected and in need of some TLC. Did you know you can boost your pedicures by enhancing them with a full foot treatment?

The beauty of using Eve Taylor products is their versatile actions can be utilised across many different treatments, not just the face. This allows you to get more use out of your products for increased cost effectiveness in the business and a unique approach of treating the feet.

Here we look at ways of incorporating the Eve Taylor range into your pedicures and foot treatments

Cuticle remover:
Resurfacing Cream Exfoliant – this 6% AHA formulation softens and digests cuticle on the nail plate with glycolic, lactic and fruit based acids, allowing for easy removal with a cuticle pusher/knife.

Foot soak:
Revitalising Foot Soak – an ideal choice for soaking the feet to soften hard rough skin. Spearmint and Tea tree essential oils cleanse, cool and deodorise to freshen whilst giving a perfect “pick me up” for tired aching feet.

Citrelle Body Wash – this uplifting body wash is a great alternative for those looking for an invigorating foot treatment. The citrus aroma refreshes the feet with Lime and Petitgrain, simultaneously invigorating the senses.

Anti-stress Massage & Bath Oil – this water dispersible massage oil can also be dispensed into a foot bowl,  softening the feet as the aromatic steam vapour soothes and relaxes the senses with its aromatic blend of mandarin, petitgrain and lavender.

Salt & Seaweed Scrub – a marine rich powder which can be sprinkled into a foot bowl of warm water to help soften the feet. The mild detoxifying actions of Laminaria seaweed also provides minerals, vitamins and trace elements to condition hard working feet.

Foot exfoliation:
Exfoliating Mousse – this creamy exfoliant intensively sloughs away rough skin from the feet with sea salt and poppy seeds. Use on dry or damp feet for maximum exfoliation, and follow by adding water to activate the foaming agents to thoroughly clean the feet.  Black pine, lemon and geranium essential oils detoxify whilst stimulating the senses.

Bio Cream Exfoliant – this hydroxy acid mask like exfoliant is ideal for those with thickened skin on the feet. Apply a generous layer to the soles of the feet and place in a foot liner for 5-10 minutes. Glycolic and lactic acids digest the bonds that give cells cohesion, helping to intensively resurface, soften and smooth the feet.

Foot mask:

Moisturising Body Butter – this rich body moisturiser doubles up as an intensive moisturising foot mask. Apply liberally to the feet and place in liners whilst the blend of coconut, olive and shea butters intensively nourish and nurture the driest of feet. Got heated booties? Place inside for enhanced product absorption.

Aromawax Candle – the soya and rapeseed-based candle wax creates a rich textured consistency which is ideal to be lavishly applied to the feet and placed into a liner for a luxurious foot mask ritual. These lipid rich oils saturate the skin with nourishment to soften and smooth.

Foot and ankle massage medium:
Aromawax Candle – when the soya and rapeseed-based candle is burned for at least 20 minutes it liquifies into a beautiful rich oil which creates a wonderful medium for foot and ankle massage. Unlike paraffin wax candles, the oil gives great slip for massage before absorbing into the skin, deeply nourishing without any residue to peel away.

Anti-stress Massage Oil – this top selling body massage oil is renowned for its soothing and relaxing benefits, with mandarin, petitgrain and lavender reducing daily stress and tension. A rich base of cold pressed oils nurture whilst giving great slip for your expert massage techniques.

Stimulating Massage Oil – ideally suited for clients who really wish to put a spring in their step, this invigorating massage oil includes lemon, peppermint and cedarwood to collectively uplift the senses and offer energising effects.

Cuticle Oil:
Nourishing Serum – ideal for very dry cuticles, this lipid-based serum is packed with argan, soya and sunflower oils to add emollience to even the driest of cuticles. A small amount goes a long way, nourishing the skin around the nails and leaving them looking vibrant.

Seal & Protect Moisturising Lip Balm – this emollient lip protector is formulated with rich shea butter and jojoba oil to soften and smooth dry cracked cuticles, keeping them supple and hydrated.  

Target treatments:

Soothing Foot Gel – cool and soothe tired aching feet with this essential oil infused foot gel. The lightweight formulation is rapidly absorbed into the skin to bring instant relief from sore hardworking feet. Ideal to apply under foot lotion.

Anti-stress Body Serum (Specifics. 301) – an aromatic serum to help soothe areas of skin tightness & sensitivity due to being on the feet for extended periods. A blend of Clove, Thyme and Black Pepper collectively soothes and warms areas of tension and discomfort.

Ice Tone Leg Gel  a soothing gel to cool and relieve tired aching legs and ankles. The cooling formula is enriched with a refreshing menthol and peppermint complex to instantly envelope aching areas with an iced effect. 

Peppermint Hydrosol – this aromatic water immediately cools and refreshes when spritzed onto the skin with its sharp minty scent. Ideal for spritzing onto the feet at the beginning of a pedicure to refresh and sanitise.

Foot moisturiser:
Conditioning Foot Lotion – a lightweight moisture lotion with an easily absorbed non-greasy finish that hydrates, softens and moisturises the feet. Bergamot, and tea tree essential oils purify, soothe and cool the feet to leave clients walking on air.

Moisturising Body Butter – this rich body moisturiser is a great solution for those with dry or ultra dry feet. Sea Buckthorn provides skin nurturing benefits while Shea and Olive Butters seal in nourishment to undernourished feet. May also be target applied on dry cracked heels.

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