The Eve Taylor facial drainage massage is a world renowned technique created by Eve herself in 1960’s as part of her wider ‘Clinical Aromatherapy’ treatment.

The technique has been taught globally and adopted by learning institutes as the gold standard technique for facial drainage massage. The drainage massage offers the therapist an additional massage option for treating their clients skin.

The technique is non-stimulating and unlike slip and glide style massage which stimulates the skin, the drainage movements are incredibly gentle making it perfect for all skin types and conditions; especially beneficial for skin that requires light pressure such as those with rosacea or a breakout prone skin.

The Eve Taylor facial drainage massage technique offers many benefits:
•   Non-stimulating action makes it perfect for all skin types and conditions.
•   Increases lymphatic drainage and aids in removal of toxins and waste.
•   Skin tone is improved, radiance is increased and skin puffiness is reduced.
•   Works hand-in-hand with Eve Taylor Aromatic Serums.
•   Relaxes the client and gives a sense of wellbeing.

Dispense 6-10 drops of suitable Aromatic Serum into palm, with fingertips of other hand apply to forehead, outer cheeks and chin. Smooth remaining Aromatic Serum across neck and décolleté and smooth across face. The application should be light, gliding the serum onto the skins surface, do not rub it into the skin.

1. With cupped hands 6” above nose, ask client to inhale deeply, 3 time through their nose and out through the mouth.
2. Begin with thumbs between brows; use a press and release motions working up to hairline x6.
3. Gently slide alternating thumbs over the same area x6.
4. Thumb press and release across forehead to temples in 3 rows and glide thumb down to front of ear x3.
5. Using the pollicis muscles of the thumb, glide across forehead, past temples to front of ear x6.
6a. Resting thumbs on forehead, glide index and middle fingers out across upper cheek across maxilla and zygomatic to top of ear x6.
6b. Gide out below cheek to base of ear x6.
7. Glide index and middle fingers from chin, along jaw bone to angle of mandible x6. (Alternate movement 5 & 7 x6).
8a. Cupping hands, gently scoop from chin along jaw bone to angle of mandible.
8b. Straighten fingers and gently glide down sternocleidomastoid muscle to the clavicle.
8c. Glide across clavicle and across to deltoid.
8d. Firmly press palms on deltoid and shoulder joint pushing downwards towards the floor x3.
8e. Rotate palms cupping top of shoulder and gently push away from you towards the clients feet x3.
8f. Slide fingertips across upper trapezius to occipital ridge, break contact with client and repeat movements 8a – 8f x6.
9. Finalise by cupping hands over ears, hold for count of 6 and slowly release hands away.

Downloadable Resources

Facial Drainage Massage Routine – Step by step PDF Download