The Eve Taylor Eye & Lip Cleanse technique is created to give an effective yet sensorial experience for your client as part of the initial cleansing stage.

Pre-dampen 3 sets of eye pads with water and dispense Micellar Cleanse – Eye & Lip to each pad (x 6 pads in total).
Pre-warm the eye pads in a towel cabinet if available, for client comfort.

1. Place eye pads on closed eyes from the outer corner.
2. Press inner and outer corners of eye with index and ring fingers.
3. Pinch eyebrow from inner corner to outer corner over pad using index finger and thumb.
4. Press under eye socket from inner corner to outer corner using ring finger.
5. Use index, middle and ring fingers over each pad to pressure and release x3 on the lashes.
6. Leave pads in place to allow product to break down make-up debris.

7. Place 2nd set of pads at outer corner of mouth and hold.
8. Wipe bottom lip from left to right with first pad and then top lip with second pad from right to left.
9. Fold pads in half and repeat. Dispose of pads.
10. Brace forehead with left hand, use right hand to sweep pad inwards towards the nose and up over eyebrow to outer corner of eye.

11. Fold eye pad in half on the back of other hand, then sweep down the lashes from inner to outer corner or eye (repeat as necessary).
12.Wipe over eye lid from inner corner working outwards.
13. Fold pad in half again (into quarter) and sweep under the lashes, close to lash line from outer corner inwards to inner corner and press lightly at the temple area.
14. Repeat to the other eye using right hand to brace forehead and left hand to cleanse eye.
15. Gently press on temples.
Repeat steps 9-14 with third set of eye pads, this is especially beneficial for clients who wear heavy eye make-up