The Eve Taylor Cleanse with facial cleansing brushes technique is created to give an effective yet sensorial experience for your client as part of the deep cleansing stage, and uses the top selling Facial Cleansing Brush to give a great cleanse and encourage ongoing retail sales.

Pre-warm suitable Cleanser by dispensing into a small bowl and placing into hot towel cabinet or warming device.
Place x2 Facial Cleansing Brush into hot towel cabinet to pre-warm.

1. Dispense Cleanser into hands and spread between palms, continue to apply to face by pressing both hands onto decollete, side of neck, chin and forhead, sides of face, repeat pressing on chin and
forehead finalising on both sides of face.
2. Take x2 Facial Cleansing Brush and dip into hot water to further warm and moisten bristles, ensure excess water is shaken out to avoid dripping on client.
3. Using x2 Facial Cleansing Brush in light circular, spinning/rotating motions, cleanse décolleté across to shoulder area and up neck. Continue to work across jaw area, alternating each brush from one side to the other.
4. Move your body so you are working from the side. Move one Facial Cleansing Brush around the perimeter of the face in a clock wise movement and the other in an anti-clockwise movement so the
brushes cross over each other, then repeat alternating the movements.
5. Move your body to the other side of the bed and repeat.
6. Sweep up the face with one Facial Cleansing Brush and keep it stationary at the temple, use other to spin/rotate up the side of the nose, across forehead and press at temple, repeat with other Facial Cleansing Brush, (repeat as necessary if required).
7. Perform circular motions across forehead.
8. Sweep down to jaw and perform circular motions.
9. Sweep around the perimeter of the face one more time using clockwise and anti-clockwise motions.
10. Finalise by gently pressing x2 Facial Cleansing Brush at temples.
11. Remove Cleanser using sponges, mitts or hot towels.