How much should I charge for an Eve Taylor® Treatment?

We are asked how much to charge for treatments almost daily and it is quite difficult to give a definitive answer. As the cost of houses and the cost of living vary from region to region throughout the UK so do the cost of beauty treatments. The price may vary from £20.00 for an express treatment and up to £75.00 for a treatment lasting 75 minutes.

We know many therapists will simply follow their competitors and charge the same or slightly lower; however, purely charging what other businesses are charging does not make good business sense. How do you know if that business is even making a profit or is running at a loss?

Whilst you may not think you are a businessperson, if you are working for yourself, you are.

There are 5 main considerations you need to take into account when deciding how much to charge for your treatments.

1. How much your products cost to do the treatment?
2. What is your level of skill and experience?
3. How much do you pay for overheads?
4. What is your staffing hourly rate?
5. What profit margin do you want to earn?

Cost of products.
We have a cost calculator on a spreadsheet that automatically calculates how much each product use will cost once you have entered the price which you paid for it. Remember to add VAT on the trade price, it is currently charged at 20%. This is a great tool to use but some of us may be more liberal when it comes to product usage so bear in mind it’s an average number. The Cost Per Use Calculator can be found within the Business Tools area of the trade website under ‘Cost Per Use Calculator‘.

Skill and experience.
We gain experience over time and this proves to be beneficial when treating clients skin issues. Over the time we are in the industry we will invest and update our skillset with CPD and learning new things. This should always be considered when setting pricing as our education costs us money and so if we are armed with more knowledge then we can better treat our clients needs. If you feel your knowledge, skill and experience enhance your service then consider this with your pricing.

Cost of overheads.
When you created your business plan for your business this information will already been calculated. All business expenses have to be taken into account including rent, all forms of insurance, professional memberships, laundry, lighting, utilities, heating, depreciation of equipment, uniforms, advertising, office supplies, (petrol, car insurance, car tax, if mobile).  Once you have a final monthly figure of expenditure it can be divided down by the number of hours open in a month and then further divide it down until you are left with an hourly figure.

Hourly rate of pay.

Next you have to take into account how much you want to pay yourself or staff per hour. Don’t forget to include allowances for holidays, public holidays and possible sick days.

Profit Margin.
Next you need to add at least 10-20% on to the total to achieve return of investment.

If this all sounds too complicated it really isn’t but you can seek free help and advice from a variety of sources especially on the internet these days. Try any of these websites below:




Average cost of an Eve Taylor® Treatment
If you are still unsure of what to charge, follow the average price of £1.00 per minute for all treatments:

30 minute treatment = £30.00
60 minute treatment = £60.00
75 minute treatment = £75.00

These are average prices and we do strongly recommend you follow the advice above to ensure your pricing is appropriate to you and your business.

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