Ultrasonic Micro-therapy Device Training

The Eve Taylor Ultrasonic Micro-therapy Device is a handheld device created for the professional therapist to use within their facial treatments.

The supreme technology of the device supercharges professional-use Eve Taylor products and boosts treatment room results for the ultimate client satisfaction.

The device offers multiple functions allowing a versatile selection of treatments to be performed across a wide selection of skin types and conditions;

Exfoliate; provides removal of dead skin cells and enhances cleansing actions for a smooth, soft, refined complexion.

Decongest; deeply cleanses, breaks down sebum, loosens comedones ready for extractions and refreshes the skin.

Ionise; propels action ingredients into deeper skin layers for increased product effectiveness and visible positive results. Collectively, the versatile functions of this device, widens your treatment selection and incentivises clients to return for increased treatment results.

This course covers:
– Safety and precautions
– Contraindications
– Considerations
– Settings of the device
– How to use the device
– Product compatibility
– Target+ treatment portfolio and marketing materials (downloadable)

This course will take approximately 40 minutes to complete and may be worked through at your own speed.

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Ultrasonic Micro-therapy Device User Manual

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