Rosacea Masterclass

Have you ever struggled to treat clients with red inflamed skin, which you suspect to be rosacea but know very little about the condition? With more and more clients presenting with rosacea like characteristics, this course arms you with essential knowledge you need.

Empowering you with a thorough understanding of the rosacea condition will allow you to achieve results for your client’s skin, increasing revenue from treatments and retail sales, and boosting your credibility as the go-to therapist.

The course covers:
–  What rosacea is.
–  How the skin works.
–  The importance of healthy skin barrier function.
–  The triggers and tripwires for rosacea.
–  How to identify rosacea through consultation and skin analysis.
–  How to confidently treat rosacea clients.
–  Effective solutions to help clients manage rosacea.

The online course guides you through each aspect of rosacea with highly visual videos which are narrated for your ease and downloadable course notes allow you to refer to at any time. Test your knowledge quizzes at the end of each section allow you to evaluate your knowledge and ensure effective learning. This course will take approximately 2 hours to complete.

Benefits of completing this course:
–  Gain practical and useable knowledge of the rosacea condition.
–  Be able to effectively treat the condition.
–  Empower you to answer client questions with confidence.
–  Turn knowledge into profit through effective results.

To enrol on the course press here.

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