Reactive Skin – Online Course

At some point in your career one of your clients will experience a form of reaction to a product used on their skin, no matter the brand of product, or whether used on the face or body, hands or feet.

With so many clients developing sensitivities it can be a minefield to navigate; ensuring all necessary elements are considered to prevent a reaction occurring and knowing how to deal with a reaction if it does occur will make all the difference to your clients wellbeing.

This short course can be completed at your own speed and allows you to pick up where you left off previously. The course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

The course covers:
–  The characteristics and types of skin reactivity.
–  The possible causes and triggers of reactions.
–  What to do if a reaction occurs.
–  How to deal with the after effects of a reaction.

Benefits of completing this course:
–  Feel confident to identify potential triggers of reactivity.
–  Avoid and adapt treatments to ensure client wellbeing.
–  Know what to do in the event of skin reactivity.

To enrol on the course press here.

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