Consultation Masterclass

The Eve Taylor Consultation is the crucial step for the best outcome for both treatments and homecare alike. Only through asking questions can we determine our clients true need and discover the various elements that impact their skin and contribute to how it behaves.

The consultation is paramount to ensure the clients wellbeing, comfort, and safety; and gives the therapist credibility as a true professional when carrying it out.

The Eve Taylor Consultation was created and based on decades of experience through Eve treating thousands of clients around the world and the various links of characteristics they presented with.

Whilst many therapists may overlook the importance of conducting a consultation, to give the client the service they deserve and are paying for, a consultation is vital to ensure their wellbeing and safety.

This course covers:
–  How to successfully conduct a professional consultation.
–  How to put your client at ease to build trust and rapport.
–  How the recommendation of retail and homecare products starts within the consultation stage.
–  The importance of asking each question.
–  How to confidently explain the relevance of each questionasked to the client, so they feel cared for and nurtured.
–  How to consider all elements and manage client expectations.

This course will take approximately 1.15 – 1.30 hours to complete and may be worked through at your own speed, with our system allowing you to resume up where you last left off.

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