Aromatherapy 101

Aromatherapy 101 is the essential course for understanding the fundamentals of essential oils and aromatherapy, with practical ways to use your knowledge for optimum therapeutic effects and emotional wellbeing.

Whether you have studied full aromatherapy or have a limited knowledge on the subject, this course is a great starting point or refresher to gain essential understanding of the amazing power of aromatherapy.

The course includes varied information, touching on some chemistry and essential oil science through to the emotional elements of essential oils, and includes a number of practical ways you can further incorporate aromatherapy and its supporting elements in to your business

The course can be completed at your own speed and allows you to pick up where you left off previously. The course takes approximately 2 hours 45 minutes to complete.

The course covers:
–  What is aromatherapy.
–  Where essential oils come from.
–  Harvesting & extraction.
–  Essential oils families and how blends are formed.
–  History of aromatherapy.
–  Essential oil chemistry and safety.
–  The sense of smell.
–  Absorption into the skin.
–  Carrier and cold pressed oils.
–  Hydrolats.
–  Diffuser blends.
–  Practical ways to use aromatherapy.
–  Additional reading resources.

The course includes a set of downloadable class notes and other resources to assist you when using Hydrolats and Eve Taylor London Diffuser Blends.

Benefits of completing this course:
–  Gain knowledge about aromatherapy and essential oils.
–  Be able to answer client questions with confidence.
–  Be able to customise your treatments for clients emotional wellbeing.
–  Successfully retail aromatherapy products with passion and knowledge, inturn increasing sales and making more money for your business.

To enrol on the course press here.

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