Every time clients visit you for a treatment you should be striving to create the best service they’ve ever experienced. You are in the perfect position to make a big impression and set a precedence for all their future treatments.

In this feature we look at 5 ways to create the perfect facial.

1. Make a great first impression
Never assume a client knows what to do when they visit you, instead guide them through every step of the process. Welcome them like it’s the first time you’ve met them, making sure they feel valued to the business.

Offer a non-stimulating drink while they settle in and give a full explanation of not only what will happen during the treatment, but where to place their personal belongings and how to lie on the bed. Have a relaxing aromatherapy blended diffuser in the treatment room too to help create an inviting aroma. Invest in a device like Eve Taylor’s Aroma Diffuser Pod to entice the senses.

2. Get the comfort levels right
Investing in good quality equipment is vital because no-one wants to lay on a bed that feels rickety. Go the extra mile and consider buying a bed that is long enough so tall men and women don’t have their feet dangling off the end.

Also, make clients feel pampered with soft cotton sheets and fluffy towels, wrapping them up in a cocoon to make them feel safe and secure. A heated under blanket at a gentle temperature will also add to that feeling of luxury.

3. It’s all about the right set-up
Ensure everything is prepared in order of use for a seamless application, and pre-warming products will greatly add to clients comfort levels. Dampening cotton pads with Eve Taylor Rose Hydrolat and placing them in a hot towel cabinet ready for when you cleanse the eyes and lips.

Cleansers can be warmed in the same way or dispensed into your palms and warmed with the heat of the steamer, ready for a soothing cleanse. You should always be mindful of your own body temperature too because there is nothing worse than a therapist with cold hands.

Ensure your working area is always maintained so your trolley looks as immaculate at the end of the treatment as it did at the beginning.

4. Use the right movements
Your treatment technique can really make or break the overall experience for a client, so ensuring you’re on point with all your facial movements will pay dividends. When applying a face masque, for example, avoid using small, quick actions and opt instead to use a two-brush application technique for a symmetrical application.

Using Eve Taylor London’s Fan Masque brush x2, you can dispense a pre-warmed masque to both brushes and apply to the skin using long and slow flowing movements, which not only give a thorough application but soothe the nerve endings of the face.

5. Music is key
Set the perfect ambiance with appropriate music. Also, be mindful of the noise you make during treatment as this often overlooked. For example, mixing a cleanser in your hands can make a squelchy sound, so when you’re doing this, turn away from the client and mix it gently between your palms to eradicate the unpleasant noise.

Reduce clattering of bowls and brushes too by placing tissue or towelling on the trolley surface to buffer any noise.

In our video, we expand upon the above points and offer additional advice: